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Monday, February 9, 2009... CFA Board votes to allow Exotic Longhairs to be shown!! Our Breed Secretary, Peter Vanwonterghem, writes:

"Dear Exotic friends,

I am pleased to inform you that our Exotic Longhairs were accepted for Championship status at yesterday's Board meeting.

No cutoff date will be imposed.

Briefly, our ELH will be registered as Exotic Longhairs with an identifying registration prefix 7xxxL but they will be shown with the Persians in the existing Persian color classes.

They will be scored for Regional and National wins in a new "Exotic Longhair" category. They will not earn "Persian" breed wins.

WIAB will be amended so that this can happen.

Our main goal remains to breed for the Exotic with a short coat and therefore, the offspring of ELH x ELH and ELH x Persian breedings will not be registered.

YES voters were: Pam Delabar, Rachel Anger, Loretta Baugh, Yayoi Satoh, David White, Ginger Meeker, Roger Brown, Liz Watson, George Eigenhauser and Dee Dee Cantley. We cannot thank them enough and I ask you to remember their names the next time we are voting for Board members.

The other 8 Board members voted "no". There were no abstentions.

Please have all your Exotic Longhairs registered with CFA. The time has come to show them to the world, starting next show season! We need to show some numbers!

I need to thank all of you for your patience and support. Some of you wrote personal recommendations to the Board that contributed to this success. This was clearly a team effort that originated in 1990 and comes to rest today.

Warm but tired regards. Now let's party!
I suggest we start preparing for a hot party at this year's annual!

Peter Vanwonterghem
Exotic Breed Council Secretary


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